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The Thornburg Center for Space Exploration

Our mission is to inspire students and improve STEM education through the design and implementation of an international program on Space Exploration that incorporates elements of a solid transdiciplinary curriculum. We address these objectives through multiple pathways - everything from one hour conference and event presentations to long-term consultancies.  

It is not enough to just learn STEM content; learners need to be aware of why there are people who choose to spend their lives working in these areas with passion and dedication. This program achieves these broad goals by promoting an environment that fosters innovation, creativity and the development of deep understanding and appreciation for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and creativity through the use of inquiry-driven projects done by students. These projects are conducted at school sites and/or at home with the active guidance and support of highly-qualified educators from the students' schools, along with rich materials from international sources related to the topics of their inquiry.  A variety of programs are offered.

On a deeper level, we know that traditional classrooms don't work for many children, and we have concrete ways to address this problem - strategies that have been implemented with success, improving education for all learners.  Our main project in this area is the Educational Holodeck, a flexible immersive and interactive learning environment that provides unique opportunities to engage students in multiple grade levels.

And, in addition to this, we also work on the challenges of incorporating new technologies into education in ways that foster the transformation of educational practice, not just as vehicles for doing the old job differently.

July 23, 2015
We've been busy working with folks who have taken STEM education out of this world.  Check out Ardusat.
Please direct any questions you have to our founder: Dr. Thornburg

Who we are:
The Thornburg Center for Space Exploration was created by the founder of one of the longest-running and most distinguished groups of consultants, speakers and authors whose primary focus is on education from Kindergarten to twelfth grade.  Our international team of designers, educators, and technologists are building a world-class project to benefit students all over the world as they develop skills in the STEM areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.